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Our School

Riverside School serves 482 students in the kindergarten through 4th grade. We are a diverse, yet close-knit group of great students, parents, teachers, and staff members. We have some fundamental goals that drive us each day to be our personal best.

Our Goals at Riverside

  • Riverside School will create an A+ school through meaningful, relevant, and rigorous academic curriculum.
  • Riverside School will encourage excellent behaviors and academic achievements through the use of  consistent positive reinforcements.
  • The Riverside School staff, along with members of the community, will collaborate to provide all students with a quality education.

Our Commitment

  • We are committed to treating and caring about each individual child as a person.
  • We will teach each child effectively so that he/she will succeed.
  • We will keep our parents and guardians informed about their child’s progress throughout the year.
  • We will make sure the parent/guardian understands the educational plan of his/her child and how you, as a parent and/or guardian, can help him/her to succeed.
  • If we fail to deliver on our commitment, please let us know during your visit to our school.

Riverside Student Responsibilities

  1. Respect the Rights of Others: Teachers have a right to teach and students have a right to an education without interference from others.
  2. School Attendance: Students have a responsibility to attend school daily and be on time.
  3. Complete Work Assignments: Students are responsible for completing all class and homework assignments on time. It is the student’s responsibility to get homework or make-up work for absences.
  4. Be Prepared for Class: Students have a responsibility to bring to class any necessary books and materials that may be required for active participation in class assignments and/or activities.
  5. Respect Public Property: Students have a responsibility to respect and protect all school property, materials, and equipment.
  6. Show Respect: Students have a responsibility to demonstrate respect for other students, faculty, staff, community members and themselves.
  7. Obey School Rules: Students have a responsibility to know and obey all school rules and regulations in order to provide a safe and positive learning environment.
  8. Cooperate With School Staff: Students have an obligation to maintain a safe, orderly, environment by cooperating with school staff, authorities, and peers.